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First let me tell you that you will pay nothing out of your own pocket to partner with IWU. You will become an Inventor Partner with us under contract agreement for your specific invention and receive up to 50% of the net profits from sales or royalties of your invention. Your percentage depends on how far along you are with your invention, if you have a patent, prototype or just a concept drawing. You will be invited to participate in the development of your invention, working with our engineers and designers to create the best possible product. We don’t except every idea submitted to us. Your submission will go through an evaluation process that can take as long as four weeks. Inventing is not a get rich quick process but can be very profitable if the product is well accepted by our national focus group. IWU makes no money unless a product is sold or licensed to a manufacturer. So IWU has an invested interest in you and your product ideas. So what are you waiting for InventWithUs today!